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Apollo Beach completes construction on massive Greek God Apollo statue

Apollo Beach – Hillsborough County – Friday 3.1.2019

After years of planning and construction, the unincorporated census-designated community of Apollo Beach has completed construction on the world’s largest statue of the Greek God Apollo.

“I wanted to make something this community deserves,” says statue designer Mario DelElefante. “The name Apollo, and this beach, it all comes together so elegantly.”

DelElefante dramatically turned to view the skyline of the Big Bend Power Station from the base of the 105-foot statue. “This place really deserves this.”

The Greek God Apollo is known as the god of music, poetry, arts and among other things, the god of oracles, archery, herds and flocks. In some stories, Apollo has been known as the the god of diseases, healing, light, sun, knowledge and protection of the young.

“This community was developed and built in the image of our Greek God Apollo,” says Apollo Beach Chamber of Commerce Secretary Arnold Smithson. “This statue is to remind us all, wherever we are, Apollo is with us.” Smithson smiled really wide as if I was in on a joke with him.

When I asked about the height of the statue and whether it needed to be so tall, Smithson open palm smacked me across the face.

“My God doesn’t like that question,” he said as I raised my hands up and backed up away.

“It’s cool man I get it,” I said while attempting to regain my composure.

Smithson asked me if I wanted to learn anything else about the statue, but I was much too afraid to continue with the interview. He could see there was some anger in my eyes, along with some tears.

“I can see that you are not enjoying our encounter,” Smithson deep whispers to me in a calm manner. “But what you are feeling now, channel it, channel that anger towards something positive. Take out all that aggression that is inside of you on something positive for yourself. Get up, stand up straight, take a deep breath…Be like Apollo, let the light guide you.”

I nodded, said farewell, ran to my car and tried to drive away but got lost in the gated community streets the statue was in. Somehow, regardless of the street I took, every turn led me directly back to the statue with Smithson just standing there smiling.

I’m creeped out and still in my car, please come help.

Josh Santos

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