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Best Benches in Tampa

Top Benches in Tampa Bay

Benches are one of the most common seating options in Tampa Bay and today we are counting down the Best ones you can plant your butt on

Ybor City Bench

#5 Ybor City Benches

These things are perfect for sprawling face down on when you’re drunk and need to throw up as the slats allow vomit to flow freely onto the street without you moving around.

Musical Riverwalk Bench

#4 Musical Riverwalk Bench

Located in front of the Straz Center, this musical bench allows guest to test their strength to see if they can steal the sticks used to play the bench. 

Dick Greco Bench

#3 Dick Greco Statue Bench

Tampa is a pretty lonely place when you don’t have friends, thankfully this bench comes with a statue of four-term mayor Dick Greco who you can hug and talk to for free.

Lykes Gaslight Park Benches Removed

#2 Lykes Gaslight Park Benches

This park used to have amazing benches you could catch folks sleeping on, but they are all gone now, making this ‘Park’ more of a green walkway you can convert your religion on. 

HART Bus Stop Bench

#1 HART Bus Stops

There used to be many more benches you could sit on and wait for a HART bus to scoop you up, but if Apollo Beach resident Robert Emerson and Hillsborough County Commissioner Stacy White get their way, then All for Transportation, a referendum approved by 57 percent of voters will go away. Isn’t that nuts, two guys want to make everyone in Tampa sit in awful traffic because they hate poor people.  Well if youre watching this Mr Emerson or Commissioner Stacy, If you don’t want better transportation options in Tampa then why don’t you go back to where you came from, or better yet move to one of the other backwards counties in Florida where you and your kind can keep jerking each other off to pictures of Hillary Clinton with a target on her face.     

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