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Bill Clinton Caught Selling Ketamine to Child at Tampa Nightclub

While having a night out on the town, Bill Clinton was spotted selling ketamine to an underage person he tried to grind on in a nightclub.

“I thought this city installed a curfew to keep young people out of the club,” Clinton was heard saying as his security rushed him out of the building.

After approaching a group of young women while moving awkwardly in a way that could be considered dancing, Clinton leaned in and asked the group of women if they would like to try some ‘Special K’.

“We told him our IDs say 21 but we’re 16,” said Tereisa Lmbago. “He was like, it’s okay this powder doesn’t check IDs.”

The exchange between Lmbago and Clinton was captured by a documentary camera crew filming the new season of ‘Love on the Spectrum’ for Netflix. The cameras had been following Lmbago’s journey into dating while in high school and on the autism spectrum.

“Just because I have autism, doesn’t mean I can’t get a fake ID, go to the club, and do ketamine with a stranger.” Said Lmbago. “We did the drugs, and then he tried to grind on me and that creeped me out so I ran away and screamed.”

Clinton’s Secret Service team then stepped in and tried to get Lmbago to sign an NDA, but they passed out and their friends had to take them to the car.

Police say that because of Presidential Immunity, Clinton can and will continue to get away with crimes against humanity.

Josh Santos

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