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Trans Moms for DeSantis Rally Ends in Arrests

The largest gathering of trans moms that support Ron DeSantis ended in a slew of arrests after police detained the keynote speaker for illegally giving their child puberty blockers.

“I love my trans child, but I love paying lower taxes more,” said Walalda Slippings, the head organizer for Trans Moms for DeSantis. 

“My supporters are the greatest supporters in the world,” said Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. When asked if it was necessary to beat up and arrest all the mothers of trans children who support him, DeSantis smiled and said nothing.

Although he is behind on polling, a Super PAC funded by Slippings has raised $5,000,000 which they plan on spending to support the Florida Governor on his bid for presidency.

“Paying for my child to transition is very expensive,” said Slippings, “If DeSantis is elected, we will have lower taxes and I will have more money I can use to make sure my child has a great sex change.”

Slippings is currently in jail waiting to see a judge and will likely spend time behind bars for supplying her child with puberty blockers.  

Josh Santos

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