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Body Modification Artist Pierces Himself to Car, Dies in Road Rage Accident

Guy pierces himself to car

Regionally recognized body modification artist, Jeal Layone, sadly passed away today during an altercation on US19 while pierced to the hood of a 1996 Plymouth Breeze.

“It was always a dream of his to pierce daddy’s car to his nutsack,” said Leslie Layone, Jeal’s younger sister and assistant.  “I tried to tell him it was a bad idea but that only made him want to do it even more.”

Layone was set to debut his new piercing at TransformerCon, an annual convention that takes place at Clearwater’s Duval Conference Center.

“He’s never been that great of a driver and he has never seen Transformers,” continued Leslie.  “Also it’s really gross that he just lives on the hood of the car now with his junk all out in the open.”

One officer says that Jeal’s actions were illegal, and if he hadn’t died in the road rage accident, he would have been taken to jail.

“After reviewing the traffic cameras, we discovered that Jeal was attempting to make a left turn from the rightmost lane,” said officer Doug Limptz. “After crossing through three lanes of traffic, one car began following Jeal and they eventually stopped in the middle of traffic and they got into an altercation.”

Witnesses say that Jeal threw his feces at 37-year-old Pablo White, who stepped out of his vehicle to confront Jeal about his erratic driving. After realizing what he was covered in, White returned to his vehicle and grabbed a pistol from his glove compartment. 

According to the police report, Jeal attempted to run White over with his vehicle, but he was shot point-blank in the face instead.

Officers arrived on the scene and White was allowed to go free for standing his ground.  

The Layone family will be holding a ceremony to honor Jeal and his contributions to the Piercing International Safe Society of Community Universe Members.

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