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Bucs coach says focus is now entirely on making playoffs

At a press conference at Raymond James Stadium earlier this morning, Tampa Bay Buccaneers head coach George Santos says that the entire organization has only one goal: qualifying for the 2023 NFL postseason.

“We have a real legit shot at winning our division, beginning with today’s game against Atlanta and we’re really gonna go for it,” he said.

“It’s true, earlier this season, we had some distractions. I include myself in that assessment,” he said. “But as of about a week or so ago, for reasons I’d rather not get into, that is no longer the case.”

“Now, again for reasons I will not talk about so stop asking me, I have nothing else in life to worry about other than Buccaneers football, which has always been my primary focus ever since I was hired as head coach prior to us winning our first Super Bowl in 1988 or whatever it was,” he added. 

Stadium security guards then showed up and escorted him forcefully from the property.

Clark Brooks

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