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Clearwater man anticipates huge tax break

Gas Stove

Rodney Wyhyte of Clearwater plans to take full advantage of a new tax loophole created by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis in order to fight wokeness.

““What I have said is we have people that say under climate change, that gives them the right to regulate and control everything people do. And we reject that in Florida. They claim climate change for gas stoves, they claim all of this stuff. Notice how they don’t like gas, natural gas, they don’t like oil, they say it all should be windmills and solar panels. But what’s the cleanest of all? Nuclear. They almost all oppose nuclear. They use that to control. What we don’t do in Florida is embrace things to try to control people… So that’s just recognizing that we’re in position to have to fend this stuff off. Take away gas stoves, take away this, all that other stuff, that’s not going to happen in the state of Florida.”

– Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, in response to an unfounded rumor that the Federal Government was planning to ban the appliances imminently.

“Hell yeah! We don’t need the government restricting access to what people can or can’t do,” said Wyhyte, while conveniently ignoring or forgetting the fact that DeSantis’s administration has directed schools throughout the state to remove or cover books that haven’t been “vetted”.

DeSantis has proposed a permanent tax break for gas stove owners, which would impact approximately only 8% of Florida residents.

“Hell yeah,” he repeated. “I’m getting rid of this piece of woke shit,” he said, referencing the Samsung – 6.3 cu. ft. Freestanding Electric Range with Rapid Boil™, WiFi & Self Clean – Stainless steel he bought less than a year ago from Best Buy for $750 and was now putting out by the curb in front of his house. “And I’m going to cash in on this sweet, sweet tax break, just as soon as I buy a new gas stove and establish an account with the local gas company. I’m gonna save so much money!”

“Once he’s President, I’ll be getting paid for hating minorities, drag queens and Disney, and I’ll be rich because it’s all those things fault that I’m not.”

“Hell yeah,” he repeated yet again for some reason.

Clark Brooks

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