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Colonoscopy goes viral after doctor does this!


Nothing. It’s a lie. I lied to you. I’m sorry. I don’t like lying, I think it’s bad, I don’t think people should do it, lord knows I shouldn’t do it. But you know what? Times are tough for everyone and sometimes the only way to make your nut is to spin tales to strangers. Weave webs of untruths for the sake of titulation. 

It’s disgusting and honestly I can barely get up and go to work every day. I go, “welp, time to go lie to people for money!” And I whistle as I skip to my employment.

But I’m done. I’m not lying anymore. That’s why I need to tell you about this doctor who went viral for the colonoscopy he performed on country music singer Kevin Hart. Not the comedian Kevin Hart. There’s another person named Kevin Hart but he sings country music.

The video begins with the country singer bending over to receive a colonoscopy. 

The doctor says, “This might feel weird.”

Then he sticks the tube up his butt and the country singer begins singing one of his country songs. 

While he’s singing, the doctor begins harmonizing with the man, and they create an impromptu song about getting a colonoscopy. 

The video has 16 billion views and it’s made everyone involved very rich. And you can be too, if you make your own viral video! Go for it! You can do it! Viral videos are the new salt mines! Dig, dig, dig, like you’re doing a deep colonoscopy. Sorry, I started singing the song from the video. It was a good video you should go check it out!

John Jacobs

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