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Cop Spends Entire Afternoon Jerking Off After Writing Speeding Ticket

Josh Santos getting pulled over and ticketed by the police

At around 8:30 AM, Officer Anthony Lincoln of the Desoto County Police Department pulled over a truck that was driving along a deserted stretch of road with nothing for miles.

“We have radar guns set up in secret places along this road to catch speeders,” said Officer Lincoln. “Once I saw that the truck reached 78 MPH, I knew it was time to leave my hiding spot from 10 miles away and pull this guy over.”

Josh Santos, the co-founder of Tampa News Force, was driving the TNF Action Truck down the stretch of SR 70 in the middle of nowhere Florida. He was surprised when a cop appeared out of nowhere to pull him over.

“This cop comes up to me, tells me I was going 78 MPH in a 60 MPH zone,” said Santos. “Honestly I was impressed. This car was down for months with a blown engine, and I had to get it completely rebuilt.”

After spending thousands of dollars on repairing the 24-year-old Ford Ranger, Santos was surprised to learn that it was able to even reach 78 MPH.

“Last time I drove this truck that fast it almost exploded,” said Santos. “I got to say, the guys over at Tampa Bay Engine Shop did a great job fixing my ride.”

After reaching 78 MPH, Santos slowed down considerably because he just wanted to see if it would rattle when going over 70 MPH.

“I mostly drive like a grandma. Once my gauges reached around 75 MPH I realized the engine was doing good and didn’t need to go that fast anymore.” Said Santos. “While I’m sad that they gave me a $238 ticket for speeding while no one was around, that is a small price to pay to know that the guys over at Tampa Bay Engine Shop located at 1717 E Busch Blvd did a great job repairing my truck. I highly recommend them.”

Once Santos received the ticket he pulled off and continued to drive without ever surpassing the speed limit again.  Officer Lincoln followed Santos for a couple of miles before pulling off into his hiding spot.

“My quota for the day was one ticket. Not many other people really drive on this road so all I have left to do today is rub one out.” Said Officer Lincoln.

Six hours after handing out the ticket, Officer Lincoln had masturbated in his patrol vehicle four times and took three naps before going home to his wife and kids.

Josh Santos

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