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Desantis celebrates 4/20 by pardoning marijuana convict.

DeSantis Releases Marijuana Convicts to Celebrate 420

One lucky man, in prison for possession of marijuana, is receiving a full pardon from Florida governor Ron Desantis. The pardon is part of an annual tradition in honor of the unofficial “stoner” holiday April 20th, or 4/20.

The convict in question, Johnathan Davenport, could not be more happy to be selected, but it wasn’t entirely up to chance. Our source in Tallahassee says the selection process has strict guidelines. “The ideal candidate would be someone who is ethnically agreeable, with no prior convictions. It’s also important that the possession charge does not include intent to sell. We want to send a clear message: we will not tolerate the sale of marijuana prior to March 18th, 2019.”

When reached for questioning, Davenport had the following to say “It’s such an honor to be selected. Hundreds of convicts apply every year, but only one gets selected. I just love the pageantry of it all.”

The pardon is, of course, strictly for show. Immediately following the ceremony Davenport was escorted back to his jail cell.

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