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DeSantis dedicates new science facility at USF

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis visited the Tampa campus of the University of South Florida to attend the dedication ceremony for the new Dennis Nedry Science Center.

“Here’s a man who dedicated his life to science, a true innovator in the fields of computer programming, cyber security and shaving cream containers, who never lost sight of the fact commerce is just as important as science, if not more so. Eventually, this noble pursuit cost him his life but he remained committed to his ideals right until the end”, said DeSantis in brief remarks delivered before cutting a red ribbon with giant novelty scissors.

“He was vastly underappreciated and underpaid during his lifetime”, DeSantis continued. “In spite of that, he demanded respect and basic courtesy, insisting that people say ‘please’ when requesting favors.”

“That’s something that children like you should embrace,” he said gesturing to a group of grad students and the media attending the event.

“Hopefully, this facility will be used to learn the right kind of scientific principles, the kind that Dennis Nedry promoted”, the governor said in conclusion. “Including the belief that all frozen embryos are valuable and should be cared for as potentially lucrative.”

Clark Brooks

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