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DeSantis yells at staff for not turning off campaign HQ lights prior to Christmas break

Lights out

The last thing Florida governor and 2024 presidential “candidate” Ron DeSantis did yesterday before shutting down for the Christmas weekend was chastise his campaign staff for leaving lights on in the team’s campaign headquarters.

“Come on, guys. We talked about this. It’s not a secret that we don’t have the funds that other candidates do. It’s just a fact that we have to tighten up and cut the budget wherever possible. I mean, I’ll turn them off this time but I shouldn’t have to,” he said, testily. “Guys? Hello? Guys?”

It was then that he realized he was the only one in the modest suite of offices.

“Oh wait, I remember now; I sent everyone home on Wednesday to start celebrating the holiday with their heterosexual relatives,” he said, chuckling to himself. “Silly me. They’ll be back next week.”

One staffer reacted to this by saying, “Um, wait; we have to go back? We’re not still doing that, are we? I kind of thought we all quit or got laid off or something weeks ago.”

Clark Brooks

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