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Upon waking up this morning at the crack of about 20 minutes ago, I learned that USF beat Syracuse 45-0 last night in the 2023 Boca Raton Bowl, a surprise to no one, especially the steadfast Bulls supporters here at Tampa News Force, least of all me.

As predicted correctly last December, the hiring of Alex Golish as head coach was exactly the right move and would pay immediate dividends with the team not only becoming bowl-eligible in his first season, but going on to win that bowl against whatever hapless opponent unfortunate enough to get stampeded. The idea of hiring Jon Gruden or what’s-his-name Sanders was nothing but foolhardy conjecture on behalf of far less savvy conjectioners than myself or anyone else here at TNF, least of all me.

Bottom line time, because bottom lines are what we sports prognosticators and diehard USF Bulls fans are all about: the USF Athletic Department continues to do an outstanding job thanks to the foundation laid by the genius Doug Woolard, they deserve an on-campus football stadium, both men’s and women’s basketball teams are going to win national championships and everything about all the programs looks positively fantastic going forward.

The radio coverage still needs work, though. Because: oof.

Lemur J. Fitzmuggins III

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