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Distracted Driver Ruins Tampa Bright Line Train Station

The City of Tampa announced a miniature train station, located on some brightly painted lines at the intersection of Cedar Pine Drive and Great Falls Lane, was struck by a distracted driver today.

“The new miniature train station was built out of Legos by some children who live in the neighborhood, and they placed it on the speed humps that were recently repainted bright yellow.” Said Hujack Jesto, the guy who had to paint the speed humps.

Once the paint dried, some neighborhood children were seen constructing the LEGO City Passenger Rc Train Toy, Construction Track Set on the brightly painted line.

“While technically located within the city limits of Tampa, the toy train was considered a train station on a bright line.” said Jesto before doing a little dance.

The train set was later destroyed by a distracted driver, who was driving a stolen Kia. Police say it will be years before the children can put the pieces back together.

“Whatever they end up building from this mess, it isn’t going to be anywhere near as cool as what it could actually be,” said Officer Shrek Hamlet.

Josh Santos

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