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Tampa to Build Parking Garage over Seminole Heights

The popular Seminole Heights Neighborhood will see its first parking garage to accommodate the number of people visiting the area’s restaurants and bars.

“This area is highly congested and has very little parking,” said Tampa Parking Manager, Demmis Torberto.  “The City of Tampa wants to make sure that all the small businesses can receive customers while not disturbing people who live in the area.”

One part of the infrastructure improvements to the neighborhood includes a 170-acre parking deck that will cover the entirety of Seminole Heights. 

“Since we can’t dig down, the best we can do is go up, while not disturbing traffic flow,” said Torberto. “Logistically, this might seem like a complete nightmare that will block the sun for over 17,000 residents, but it will be worth it when visitors will be able to park their cars and go to The Rolling Mullet without fear of having a crazy person attack them for parking in front of their house.”

Construction is set to begin immediately with crews setting up the concrete pillars that will reach heights of up to 250 feet.   Once complete, drivers will be charged a $50 minimum to park for 15 minutes, with every additional minute costing $0.35.

To save on cost, elevators will be replaced by fire poles, and guest will need to make the walk up a 12.67% steep slope for 250′ to return to their vehicles.

“This will ensure that people who are drinking are sober enough by the time they reach their cars,” said Torberto.

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