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Dopplebangers: New dating app helps you find your last partners’ twin

Dating apps are something we all love to hate, but hate to love. But there’s a new dating app on the market and it’s sweeping the nation. It’s called Dopplebangers and it’s all the rage!

Are you recently single because of the untimely passing of a partner? Are you looking to move on but not really move on? Then Dopplebangers might be for you!

Dopplebangers works by searching through thousands of pictures in their database and automatically pairing you together with someone who looks as close to your deceased spouse as possible!

They might not act the same or really have the same personality at all, they are “technically” different people. If we made love about personality it wouldn’t be much fun anymore now would it?

They get it right down to the haircut. Their system is so accurate that some more distant friends might not even realize that your partner died when they see you together. People are calling it “uncanny” and “a neat concept.”

While the ethics are questionable, you can’t lie they really do look like your dead spouse. The company behind Dopplebangers, Meat Tank Unlimited, released plans to release a sister site for adoption when the kiddos pass. The second site is aptly named DiaperGangers.

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