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Harrison Butker Addresses Closing of TNF Live Theatrical Residency

Suddenly ubiquitous, controversial and outspoken Kansas City Chiefs kicker Harrison Butker approached Tampa News Force (TNF) about appearing at the final performance tonight of TNF LIVE! at The Commodore in Ybor to address the end of the show’s successful extended run. 

TNF declined the offer to have him appear on stage but told him we’d publish his prepared remarks, so here they are:

“I am honored to be here tonight to praise TNF and congratulate them on what began as three performances at last year’s Tampa International Fringe Festival and turned into a successful year-long show. I also want to demonstrate that contrary to popular opinion I’m an intelligent man and an effective and dynamic public speaker who writes his own insightful, meaningful content. So I will be keeping my remarks brief, and focused on TNF, not my personal opinions on social issues. 


Wow, what a long, strange trip it has been! As we go forth, you’ll look back at this as the time of your lives. Follow your dreams, never give up and spread your wings and fly as you begin this new chapter in your lives.

Also, in conclusion, bitches need to be silent and pregnant and the gays are going to hell.

Let’s party! Amen.”

The final performance of this iteration of TNF LIVE! is tonight at 8:45PM at The Commodore, 811 E. 7th Ave. in Tampa (Ybor City). Tickets are $10 and available here

Clark Brooks

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