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Dunedin Woman Horrified to Learn She Could Be a Trump Juror

Denise Dahl of Dunedin is dealing with the aftermath of finding out there are very few eligibility requirements that prevent her from being selected to serve on the jury for former President Donald Trump’s imminent criminal trial.

“I examined the list and I check A LOT of the boxes,” she said. “The only main one that disqualifies me is that I don’t live in New York, which, thank God for that.”

“I always thought I had pretty extreme political opinions and that would keep me safe but apparently I’m dangerously moderate,” she added. 

She said the fact that she’s at risk for so many factors that could theoretically condemn her to the same life-destroying scrutiny, criticism and possibly even worse via social media and other sources that the Trump jurors are doomed to is unnerving.

“It’s like looking at a list of foods that cause cancer and realizing, ‘my God, this is my grocery list!’,” she said. “I need to make some significant lifestyle changes and remember not to live in New York.”

Clark Brooks

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