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Moon’s Agent Doing a Terrific Job Lately

The moon is enjoying its highest public profile since NASA’s Apollo mission program in the 1960s and 70s.

“The moon has always had a cult following, with romantic stroll enthusiasts and werewolves,” said Jason Kruzenschwanzhe, a Hollywood agent based here in Tampa for some reason. “Our goal has been to broaden that appeal to the mainstream and I think we’re getting there.”

“The moon is easily my biggest client, speaking in terms of sheer mass and gravitational pull,” he said. “So you’d better believe I’m going to do everything possible to represent my client to the best of my ability.”

The moon recently received worldwide attention for its role in a total solar eclipse on April 8 and the United States and Japan are gearing up for a joint mission that will put the first non-American astronaut on the moon.

“Yeah, the world loved that whole eclipse thing and it doesn’t happen without the moon,” he said. “That’s just scientific fact.”

“I worked really hard to make that happen. The producers were originally looking at doing it with CGI,” he added.

Plans are already in place for a sequel to the eclipse, scheduled to take place in 2044.

“Let’s face it; the moon is a star,” he said. “Even though technically it’s not and it’s actually an object made of igneous rock that orbits Earth as a satellite.”

Clark Brooks

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