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Florida Announces Free Trans Youth Summer Camp

As part of the new Parental Rights Act, the Florida Legislature celebrated the opening of a special campground for trans children. 

“This new program is going to help us finally eradicate the woke plague that is infecting the TikTok youth,” said Florida Governor, Ron DeSantis.

Students in the Florida public school system will be subject to a gender examination by their local county police department. Children who identify in a survey as a gender that they weren’t assigned at birth will be forced to attend the youth summer camp.

“We are giving every police officer in Florida gender determination kits, and they will be administering them with lethal force,” continued DeSantis.

The campground is an empty field with some temporary tents set up. Trans children will not receive any gender-affirming care and will instead participate in conversion therapy.

Governor DeSantis hopes this program will finally stop parents from allowing their children to think they can change genders.

“We will be housing these children indefinitely in this field until we come up with some sort of final solution for trans people,” said DeSantis.

Florida parents are encouraged to talk to their children about attending the camp, or their schools will decide for them.

“If a school suspects there is a trans student, they are required by law to send them to this camp until they identify with the sex they were assigned at birth,” said DeSantis. “How that happens is up to the student.”

The camp will not feature any fun activities as it is a barbed wire fenced field in the middle of Florida. Armed guards will be present at all times to ensure no children escape, and most of them will be transported by train.

The Florida Republican Party has also expressed interest in running a similar program for gay and Latino students, but they want to see the results of this program first before expanding to other groups.

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