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White man accused of being white

Mike Claypot of St. Petersburg is recovering from being accused of being white.

Claypot, who is white, was discussing popular music with a group of friends who just happen to be African-American because all of their parents just happen to be African-Americans.

Amid references to Drake, Chance the Rapper and The Weeknd, Claypot interjected and mentioned that he likes Coldplay. “Specifically the Viva La Vida album.”

“2008 was a great year for Coldplay,” he elaborated unnecessarily.

After a brief silence, his friend Carl said, “Well, that’s the whitest thing I’ve heard all day,” eliciting laughter from everyone in the group except Claypot.

Brenda, a white woman among the group laughed louder than almost everyone else.

“It’s true!” she said.

“It was mortifying,” said Claypot. “I’ve never felt so ashamed to be white in my life, and I’m always at least a little ashamed to be white.”

Carl remains unapologetic about the incident. “I mean, come on. He could have said Hall & Oates or even Michael McDonald. Coldplay? They’re a good band I guess, but that’s just white.”

Clark Brooks

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