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Highest Paying Side Gigs in Tampa

Side Hustle Money

Tampa is the side gig capital of Florida, and if you work one of these jobs, the struggle is definitely real.

6. Police Officer

Police Officer

Being a police officer is the best side gig if you are a drug dealer. You have access to all the drugs right there, and you’re arresting the people who do the drugs, so they know who will pay the most money. Also, once they make enough money selling the drugs to the criminals, they can arrest them and profit off the private prison stocks they can invest in. It’s a market that they can directly manipulate with their actions.

5. Politician

This side hustle can bring in over six figures for barely any work.  If you’re good at bullshitting your way through conversations, the only skill needed to become a politician is the ability to convince people you are on their side.  

4. Teacher

This is probably the lowest-paying side hustle available, but for barely any qualifications, you can become a Florida school teacher.  You will need to work another job to support yourself financially.  

3. Nurse

This side hustle can easily become a full-time job if you are not careful!  While performing nursing activities on the side, always remember that you are not paid enough to deal with this shit.

2. Amscot Employee

Amscot the Money Superstore

The 24-hour money superstore is one of the best side gigs you can have in Florida. If you enjoy being locked in a bulletproof money chamber and collecting money the old-fashioned way, this is the job for you.

1. Human Sacrifice for Rick Scott

This one is less of a side gig and more of a good thing to leave behind for your family after you are sacrificed to Florida Senator Rick Scott to appease his thirst for human blood. Once Rick Scott completely sucks the blood and eats the bone of the human sacrifice, their family is given a $1,000,000 trust fund that gains interest and pays out once a year on the sacrifice’s birthday.  This is a great way to leave behind a legacy that will lift families out of poverty.

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