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Holiday attraction offers discounts, due to typo on sign

Typo on holiday attraction sign leads to savings for visitors

A festive holiday attraction designed to entertain families is offering discounts to customers due to a typo on their sign.

“It’s just one of those things that happens. Nobody’s perfect, after all,” says proprietor Dale Chalk. “The printer felt just awful about it and refunded the money we paid for the sign. So we figured, why not make something good out of this honest mistake and pass along the savings to our customers, you know, in the spirit of the season! It’s a mini miracle, after all! Ha ha!”

As a result of the error, admission to Satan’s Village this weekend through Sunday night is $8.50 for adults and $3.50 for kids instead of the regular prices of $10 and $5. 

Satan’s Village, which was supposed to be Santa’s Village, is located off of Ulmerton Road in Largo. “I don’t want folks to be put off by the incorrect name,” says Chalk. “I mean, you can see how that would be a fairly easy mistake to make, after all. It’s just two little letters that got swapped. Heck, I make typos worse than that all the time! Ha ha!”

Chalk says the attraction has all the elements one would expect to find in a traditional holiday village. “We have a Candy Cane Lane. We’ve got a Hot Chocolate Choo Choo train. A petting zoo, trees, lights, music. And a swirling vortex that sucks people into it and drags them, kicking and screaming into the underworld where they’ll be tormented mercilessly for eternity by snake demons, skeletons and vampire elves,” he offers. “Oh yeah, and free parking.”

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