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How to spot a libtard

Libtards exist all around us. Sometimes you can’t tell. Here are some tips to spotting libtards.

  1. They wear libtarded clothing

Stuff like Vans, and Urban Outfitters. Beanies. Dyed hair. Overalls. Pitch forks. Neon green reading glasses. Ice cream cones bursting out of their pants dripping onto their 10-inch plasti-dipped heels. Gold chain connected from their nose ring to their IUD. Twinkies with the cream sucked out through a straw tapped to a blank canvas and being sold in Miami for $200,000. Kneepads covered in tic-tac-toe pattern and blood stained diapers hanging from the back pocket of their reversible Jordan onesie.

  1. They say libtarded things

Libtards say libtarded things. Like, “I love you” or “Please let’s feed the starving marmoset.” Stuff like that. 

“Let’s bring Connor to Lego practice.”

“AI automated my last bowel movement.”
“NFT’s paid for my granddaughters sex change.”

“Elephantiasis is the leading cause of birth defects amongst the Moor community.”

  1. They believe in libtarded propoganda  

Libtards believe in libtard agenda ideas. Things like, “There were actually 20 commandments but that guy forgot the other ones. What’s his name? Mel Brooks played him in The History of The World. That guy. I can’t remember his real, religious name. Moses, maybe? I don’t know. Who cares.”

Also, they believe in things like, 

“Quarterback Warren Moon cheated on his SAT test when he was in high school and didn’t actually deserve to be a player in the NFL.”

Do not listen to these non-sense lies that libtards tell you. They are just being libtarded, and that’s part of the thing. They can’t help it. You need to wake them up. Without being woke though. We like them waked, not woke. There’s a difference. 

So those are the top 3 ways to spot a libtard.

John Jacobs

About John Jacobs

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