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Hurricanes Ian and Nicole celebrate successful hurricane season with boat parade


Two tropical storms that impacted the Tampa Bay Area in 2022 celebrated the November 30 completion of hurricane season by participating in a victory boat parade in Garrison Channel yesterday.

“They said Tampa Bay had no shot. They counted you all out yet again. They say that every year!” said Hurricane Ian, the deadliest hurricane to hit Florida since 1935 who made landfall in Ft. Myers on September 23rd. “But this year… well, this year Tampa Bay pretty much got away again with minimal damage.”

“But we managed to tear stuff up though!” added Hurricane Nicole who hit near Vero Beach on November 10 as a hurricane but was quickly downgraded to a tropical storm. “Some downed power lines and tree branches. Minor structural damage. Overall, a pretty good year for us. Not you, of course. But hey, you can’t have winners without losers, right?”

“Hmm. Maybe that’s why nobody is here to see the parade and celebrate with us, huh?” asked Ian, while spraying champagne at nobody.

“Oh. Yeah, I guess not,” answered Nicole. “I guess that explains why Denis Phillips never RSVP’d.”

Clark Brooks

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