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Jeff Epstein makes appearance at Tampa Fringe Festival

Epstein Fringe

Making his first appearance since his reported suicide, disgraced sex-criminal billionaire, Jeff Epstein made a surprise entrance during a Tampa Fringe Festival show.

The show taking place was “Islands in the Wind” a humorous one woman show about a girl who survived life on a billionaire sex island, a satire aimed at Jeff Epstein’s estate, and the pronounced-dead billionaire must have heard of this, and wanted to see the show for himself.

“Yea, I faked my death and I’ve been living on a different, more private island since then, but when I heard someone was doing a comical show about my island, I couldn’t help but come see it for myself. I am, after all, a narcissist, so this was right up my alley.” Epstein said.

“I know that I’m supposed to be dead, and this might cause some problems for me, blowing my cover like this, but I’ve been kind of bored on my new island and I wanted to be out in the public again, so I took a chance. Whatever! Worst case I just fake my death again.” Epstein laughed, directing his attention back to the show that was taking place.

When the show ended, Epstein went up to the roof of the theater hall, and was picked up by a helicopter which presumably took him back to his new secret island.

Despite photographic evidence that Jeff Epstein was at the Fringe Festival show, authorities are not acknowledging that he is alive.

“That’s a look-alike.” Claimed detective Bryor McAdams, of the Tampa Forensics Unit.

“Epstein is dead, that’s not him.” McAdams continued, looking down at his phone and reading something that was distracting him from our interview.

“Now if you excuse me, I have an appointment on an island-oop, I mean a French fry restaurant where me and my friend are going to eat French fries, that’s all.” McAdams said correcting himself.

Then he got up and left, even though we had met, per his request, at a French fry restaurant, so it’s curious to wonder how many different French fry restaurants this detective frequents on a daily basis.

That’s none of my concern though.

The point is someone who looked like, and claimed they were, Jeff Epstein, showed up to a Tampa Fringe Festival show.

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