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Kyle Rittenhouse will enroll at Hillsborough Community College

Kyle at HCC

Kenosha protester shooter and acquitted murder suspect Kyle Rittenhouse Tweeted last week that he’d be attending Blinn College after contradicting claims emerged over whether he would be attending Texas A&M University this year.

However, a representative for Texas A&M told news outlets that Rittenhouse wasn’t enrolled for the coming fall and summer semesters. That was followed by a Blinn College representative announcing that Rittenhouse had applied to the school but wasn’t enrolled for classes.

Running out of options, Rittenhouse applied for and was accepted at Hillsborough Community College in Tampa.

“At this point, I don’t care. I just want to get into a college somewhere and enjoy the collegiate experience,” said Rittenhouse. “You know, TP-ing the Dean’s office, playing Hackey Sack on the quad, shooting at students breaking the rules by playing Hackey Sack on the quad after hours or TP-ing the Dean’s office. Typical college hijinks like that.”

Rittenhouse said he plans to major in Guns with a minor in Also Guns.

“This is great! I’m so excited! “I can’t wait to shoot a Hawk,” said Rittenhouse, acknowledging the school’s mascot. “Shit. I meant be a Hawk, not shoot one.”

“Unless one of them steps out of line and starts protesting for something of course.”

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