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Man terrified to wear mask at DeSantis press conference

DeSantis Threat

At a press conference earlier today in Nassau County where Florida Governor Ron DeSantis spoke about his ongoing plans for infrastructure improvements around the state, one man in attendance felt unsafe wearing a face mask.

“I wanted to put it on, just to be careful because it was fairly crowded in there. I figured, ‘what’s the harm?’ But these two guys in dark suits with sunglasses approached me when I took it out of my pocket,” said a visibly shaken and sweaty Elmer Else, who traveled all the way from his home in St. Petersburg with his wife Elaine to be there. “They said they’d kill my wife, man!”

Governor DeSantis has a track record of disapproving of people wearing face coverings to protect themselves from Covid-19, dismissing the practice as “political theater”.

“Wait, you’re not… you’re not going to post our names, are you? And where we live??” said Else who resides with his wife Elaine and their children Elmera and Elmerana at 7504 Hobson St. NE in St. Petersburg.

Clark Brooks

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