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“Minor Mondays” at gas station liquor stores goes citywide

Land O’Lakes – Tampa – Friday, 2.1.2019

What started out as a simple promotion by a Sunoco Gas Station in Wesley Chapel, has gone citywide in Tampa with a new push for “Minor Monday” as a way for gas stations to get rid of all their extra Four Loko’s and spiked seltzers.

“Our usual booze crowd clears out all the Naddy’s and Coors by Sunday afternoon when the new shipments come in, but we always have this sweet shit leftover,” says gas station owner and operator, Vihaan Samuels, pointing at stack of Sminoroff Ice Party Packs. “Teenagers only want to vape now, it’s like nowadays they are too cool to get drunk and drive around.”

Samuels scrapes away on a $2 scratch-off ticket and happily cheers to himself as the matching fruit symbols alert him that he has won $5, he scans the scratch-off, opens the cash register and pockets $3.

Minors under the age of 21 are welcome to come to any gas station on Mondays from 11 am to midnight and purchase as much alcohol as they can as long as the final amount due is less than $10.

Josh Santos

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