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Non-aborted baby wins lifetime achievement award

A baby that wasn’t aborted is winning a lifetime achievement award from the government.

“It’s just so amazing in these modern times that a baby is actually carried to term.” Said right-wing senator Besh Moreland 

“It’s so so rare that a human wasn’t deleted in-vitro so we really just want to celebrate that.” Moreland smiled to the camera filming her broadcast interview.

Just then it turned out the baby actually was aborted and could not receive the honor.

“We’re going to give it to the baby anyway, even though it was aborted.” Said Moreland.

“We already put the babies name on the award so it has to be given to them.” Moreland said, defeated.

“Hey, it’s ok.” I said.

“Would you want to make a baby with me, and maybe we can give it an award ourselves?” I said sweetly.

“Sure.” She said.

So then I got her pregnant and she was about 5 months into her term when she sat me on the couch and said, “I actually don’t want your baby. You’re like, a failed, made-up, journalist or something. I mean, I don’t even know what you really do? Do you have a real job writing stories or is it all fake?”

I told her I understand why she didn’t want to have it and we went our separate ways.

I decided to stop writing this story because I didn’t want it to come out. And you can’t force me to have it come out. I don’t want it. And if no one else wants it, why should I have to finish writing it. It’s my write, to decide when and if I want to stop writing articles and it has nothing to do with the government or anyone else. It’s my decision. You want to finish it so bad, you do it…

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