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Ruth Bader Ginsburg and 5 other c*nts that need to be strangled

I’ll be honest. I lured you here under false pretenses. This is not an article about the late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and other c*nts who need to be strangled. That was a tactic I used to get you here. It’s called “rage bait” and it’s trying to incite rage which ultimately gets you to click the article which then in turn makes us money off of advertisers.

It’s a messed up thing, but that’s just how our fight for your attention goes. It’s a war. And there are no rules in love and war. So everyone does everything they can possibly think of to get your attention. Because it’s the most valuable thing in the world. Literally and figuratively. All we have is time and our time is becoming increasingly valuable and sought after. So the real reason I brought you here…

And by the way this headline will definitely get me an email from a family member. Anytime I write articles with titles they don’t like I’ll get an email that says, “you shouldn’t have posted that one.” That’s about 90% of the feedback on these articles.

And that’s totally fine.

Because it’s art.

This, what I’m doing right now is art. And- up wait, the boss is walking in I need to make it look like I’m writing a legitimate article.

Then the oil rig exploded and the company needed to pay lots of money to the people who were effected by it ok the boss is gone now I can go back to talking about whatever it I was talking about, oh wait, it’s rage bait.

The top is the thing I was doing. How about that. Wow, you never saw that coming did you. But seriously though, what’s the deal with Ruth Bader Ginsburg? I went out and interviewed people in front of the Supreme Court after she died and people were like “She’s racist, here’s all these specific examples.” So I’m not really sure what the deal is. Maybe they were rage-baiting me?

Wow, wait I never even thought of that. Was I rage baited in real life? What other kinds of “baits” are there? Are the masters who know all the types of baits? Call them… Masters of the bait? Something like that. Anyways, I gotta go jerk off, there’s something loud on TV in the other room that sounds sexy and I need to get my rocks off- oh wait, boss is coming back in again.

And the oil tycoon claimed it wasn’t the companies fault so the issue will continue to be discussed in further meetings. 

Alright he’s gone again time to relieve myself. Most likely to pictures of his new wife. Wow is she something. And I feel safe saying this here because he’s never read a single article I’ve posted. Not one. He just keeps me on because his first wife sexually assaulted me during the company Halloween party, so he has to keep me employed or I’ll sue. Ahhh the life of a righteous blackmailer. Feels good to hold the power. As long as I spend 10 hours in this building each day I’ll continue to make 5k a week. That’s the deal we worked out. And I love it. Peace out guys.

John Jacobs

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