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Odessa family installs mass shooting victims pool


The Menando family, who lives on Gunn Highway in Odessa near Tampa may have the most unique swimming pool in the state of Florida: it’s in the shape of the aftermath of a mass shooting.

“It’s actually four separate pools and they’re supposed to represent us; me, my wife Brenda, our son Kevin and our daughter Tiffany,” said family patriarch Leonard Menando. “You know, after we’re all murdered senselessly while enjoying some innocent activity in a public place.“

“The last I checked, there have already been 71 mass shootings in America this year,” he said. “Although I haven’t checked the news in the last 15 minutes so I could be wrong about that. In which case, thoughts and prayers.”

“But with numbers like that, it seems like more of a question of when than if we’re going to be taken out by some madman with an assault rifle that gun advocates will say is not technically an assault rifle,” he added. “In which case, these pools will serve as sort of a monument to us and how we lived: swimming. Until we all died in a hail of hot lead, that is.”

“Gun advocates will always just throw up their hands and say, ‘welp, there’s nothing that can be done’ and if that’s the case, and it must be since nothing is ever done, then it’s like Clint Eastwood said in that one movie, ‘get busy swimmin’ or get busy gettin’ shot’.”

“You know what they say; the only thing that can stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a swimming pool,” he said. “I know that doesn’t make any sense but neither do all these mass shootings.”

Clark Brooks

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