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8 words you should never say to your dog

Dog Talk

Dogs are man’s best friend, but they can also turn on the man depending on how their talked to. This is a list of 8 words you should never say to your dog:


When you make dog sounds, you don’t know what you’re saying to them in their language. When you say “arf” you’re instigating an issue with them. When dogs go “arf” it means they want to fight, so when you say that, you’re signaling to your pet that you want to fight them.


Bark is another dog noise that is negative in their language. When you say bark you’re basically saying, “Really? You got a problem with me?” So when you bark at your dog you’re upsetting it and it will most likely have anxiety.


Woof in dog language means “sex.” So when you say woof to your dog, you’re indicating that you want to have intercourse with it. Don’t say woof to dogs because beastiality is illegal and by woofing at your dog you’re trying to flirt with them and they are going to be confused.


When you growl at your dog like “grrrrr” it’s going to think you’re trying to steal it’s food. Like you’re snarling at it. That’s not a good thing to do to a dog. It will not like that.


If you say “mew” to a dog it’s going to think you’re a cat. And dogs and cats have a history of disagreement. It’s mostly out of misunderstanding, but because dogs and cats can’t communicate perfectly there is tension between the species. By talking like a cat, the dog will be suspicious.


Dogs are hardwired to be triggered by the word “steamboat.” When you say steamboat to a dog it’s the equivalent of activating a Manchurian candidate. The dog will bite you ferociously if you say the word steamboat around it. Scientists do not know where this originates.

(Fireworks Noise)

Dogs hate fireworks so if you make loud popping explosion noises like a firework, it will freak the dog out and it will tear through your house like a bat exiting hell. You will have property damage.


If you say that word I wrote above, your dog will freeze and be paralyzed. It might turn into a robot if you say that word. Some people have witnessed dogs growing large insect-like wings when that word has been said around them. One person said their dog began speaking Mandarin when that word was said around them. It’s considered an ancient curse to dogs when that word is said, and it has mysterious, mystical effects on canines so it is best to avoid using that word if you want your dog to continue living a normal life.

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