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Oliver Anthony Announces Free Show in Ybor City

Oliver Anthony

The viral “Rich Men North of Richmond” singer, Oliver Anthony, has announced a free show in Ybor City. 

“I’ve cancelled shows because I don’t want someone getting rich off of my performance,” said Anthony. “That’s why I’ll be parking my truck in the middle of 7th avenue, plugging up the amp and going through my set free of charge.”

After finding out that a promoter was charging upwards of $200 for a meet and greet, Anthony canceled his show and has promised to personally bring his music to fans without any roadblocks.

“My music is intended for poor skinny people who don’t depend on food stamps for their fudge rounds,” said Anthony, who was snacking on some fudge rounds. “I paid for these with money I got from selling my music, which makes me better than any fat person who got fat off of my tax dollars.”

The Tampa Police Department has offered free crowd control measures to prevent a riot in the streets of Ybor.

“The last time we canceled a free show in Ybor City, XXXTentacion led thousands of people on a rampage through the streets,” said Tampa Police representative, Richard Richmond.  “We aren’t going to let that happen again.”

Anthony has announced his set list for the show which will include his viral song “Rich Men North of Richmond” being performed 15 times in a row, followed by a cover of Baha Men’s “Who Let the Dog’s Out?”.

Attendees are encouraged to wear comfortable running shoes in case a riot breaks out.

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