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Plato’s Closet announces “coming out” specials


The thrift clothing franchise Plato’s Closet has announced that all stores will now begin offering special discounts if you’re willing to announce to the world that you’re homosexual at one of their stores as part of an online promotion.

If you stand in front of the counter, and announce on their local branch’s FaceBook Live feed that you are an open homosexual, metaphorically coming out of the closet, you will get %19 off of your total purchase for the day.

Customers are only allowed to come out of the closet once, and you will have a special card punched after you complete the transaction. The live stream feed will be archived for the next 10 years, and the thrift store company will then have the rights to do whatever with they want with that content.

The promotion will last indefinitely and will become a regular part of the business, in a move that the brand is calling, “Bold and conscious.”

“We’re really happy to make a difference in people’s lives.” Said Donny Plato, CEO and founder of Plato’s Closet.

“We just want to help the world.”

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