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Producers of new Amazon series ‘Tampa Baes’ discouraging men from watching “like that… you know, LIKE THAT”

Tampa Baes

‘Tampa Baes’, an eight-episode docu-series that chronicles the lives of 12 Tampa Bay Area lesbians will premiere on Amazon Prime Video this Friday, but producers don’t want men to tune in for the sole purpose of masturbating.

“These are real people, going through real issues. It’s not some fetishized version of lesbians to fuel male sexual fantasies”, said executive producer Melissa Bidwell. “Yeah, it’s not porn”, agreed her co-executive producer Paul O’Malley. “Although it could definitely get you there. You know what I mean.”

“But we don’t want it to. Right Paul?”, queried Bidwell, to which O’Malley replied with, “Oh no, definitely not! Of course not” while winking. “Ahh! I got something in my eye!”

“Okay, sure. Everyone in the cast is above average in terms of attractiveness. It is television, after all. And sure, there are going to be hook ups. And of course that’s going to be seen. But that isn’t what the show is about”, insists Bidwell.

“But it is definitely in there. Lots of it. Don’t get the idea that that there isn’t”, O’Malley chimed in. “Trust me, fellas; we’re going to show as much of that as possible.”

Bidwell quickly added, “But also don’t get the idea that’s all there is to it.” as O’Malley smiled and nodded his head slowly.

“Again, it’s impossible to overstate that this is not porn. This is an important series, it’s a look at an under-represented segment of society and the daily struggles they have to overcome”, said Bidwell. “Frankly, a series like this is long overdue.”

“And it’s sooooo hot!”, added O’Malley.

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