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RBG’s Steakhouse opens in Hyde Park

RBG Steakhouse

A Ruth Bader Ginsburg themed restaurant has opened in Hyde Park, honoring the late Supreme Court Justice who just recently passed away.

To commemorate the historic legislator, special menu items are dedicated to her legacy, such as the char grilled Navajo Flank Steak, a meal which consists of Native American buffalo that were seized from the indigenous people then slaughtered and cured to perfection with extra salt.

People are curiously offended by the restaurants opening stating, “we don’t know why this exists and it is rude to bring up something about someone who so recently passed, however the burgers are amazing, and you know, I guess some things people do aren’t always perfect, and we have to just accept that and move on with our life, but I mean to glorify it in this way of a steakhouse restaurant just seems cruel, but again, please let me emphasize how good these chicken cutlets are, they’re literally to die for. This is a hill I will die on. Nugget mountain at RBG’s Steak House, the reasonably price $59.99 dish which comes with 60 unbreaded catfish-noodle nuggets, with a side of dripping sauce and mental-illness wings, we can’t overstate our dedication to our fallen hero, however we also cannot understate how much we love the shakes. God, the shakes. Ugh I’m dripping wet right now just thinking about them. Maybe that’s how they get get the dripping sauce lol.”

As for what happens next I think this story is way too far lost to even try to get back on track. I’m not even going to try. I’m calling it now. Bolts in 6. One potato, two potato, three potato, four. You just read all of that. How’s that feel? Do you feel better? Worse? Ok, then it was probably worth it. Either way it was an experience, and you know what? They say God doesn’t make experiences. Wait, no God doesn’t make mistakes… Or experiences I guess. You make the experiences. And look at that. You just did. Wow. What an experience we just had. Yea, we, I’m here too, sorry. I’ve been watching from over there, happy to see you consuming our ‘tent. That’s slang for content. Ok I feel the energy shift I’m just going to leave now.

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