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Smaller Midtown to open inside of Midtown

The developers behind Tampa’s Midtown are at it again, after buying the iconic Britain Plaza in the Palma Ceia area of South Tampa earlier this year, the developers behind Midtown release their new plan to open a smaller Midtown, inside of Midtown.

“Midtown is a perfectly contained city within a city. But we thought, why stop there?” Said Bromley Companies CEO, Nick Haines while looking at Armature Works and nodding menacingly.

“We thought, what if we took all that self contained convenience, and concentrated it?”

The plans for Mid-Midtown include a newstand sized Sprouts, a single tanning bed, and five full service tapas restaurants. The new addition is planned to have 300 quarter-studio apartments that start at only $2600 a month, according to press releases.

If you love Midtown Tampa but hate the logistical nightmare imposed by its utter lack of utility unless you live directly above the only store you shop at, you should consider looking into Mid-Midtown Tampa. Construction for the new four car parking garage for Mid-Midtown has already begun on the top floor of the existing, east tower Midtown parking garage.

“The commutes are worse for people who work there, everything is just so much more unpleasant and doesn’t function as it should, the feeling of having everything yet nothing all at once is amplified to 1000.” Said Haines while pouring a canister gasoline into the Hillsborough River. “It’s perfect.”

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