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St. Pete woman’s independent survey yields somewhat surprising results


Laura Floon of St. Petersburg recently conducted an informal survey finding that 82% of single men who go on dates with her have “Pod-casts” they “Really want to focus on”.

“It’s amazing, really. I expected the number to be high but that’s ridiculous,” she said. “Has there ever been anything that universally popular with that many men? Fantasy football? Craft beer? Internet porn? I kind of doubt it.”

She attributes the finding to the self-reliant spirit we all embraced post-Covid and the fact that, “I wouldn’t want to deal with my life, why would anyone else?”

She publishes her findings as wry observations to co-workers.

“Oh, her? Yeah, she’s great, sure. But she doesn’t realize that this is something I really need to devote my attention to if it’s going to take off the way I want”, said Jeff Plinkley of Gulfport, referring to Floon, with whom he went out a few times but has since forgotten her name. “I don’t know where she gets her numbers from but I’m honestly surprised they aren’t higher.”

“It’s gonna be great! It’s me and my friend and we sit around and talk about all kinds of different stuff like fantasy football, craft beer and internet porn. It’ll be like nothing else on the internet”, he said, excitedly describing the vast majority of every podcast on the internet.

Michelle Lisan

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Michelle Lisan was an avid writer until junior high literary magazine almost burnt down a portable classroom. Decades of “practical” pursuits later, she is writing again no matter how many portable classrooms are endangered.