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Study Shows Most Tampa News Force Readers Use Website to Justify Ordering Prostitutes Online

OJ Simpson Looks up what search terms are leading readers to the Tampa News Force website, and he is not happy about it.

After reluctantly looking at the Google Search Console results for the Tampa News Force website, owner and manager OJ Simpson discovered that most readers use the website to justify their decision to attempt to order prostitutes online.

“It looks like a legitimate website,” says recent sex trafficking sting victim Paulie McDees, “I specifically searched whether it was legal to have sex with prostitutes in Tampa, and the first result was a news story by Tampa News Force and nobody else.”

McDees used the fake website as the reason for his arrest while trying to solicit a prostitute in Polk county. 

“How was I supposed to know you guys only spread fake news?” Asked McDees while I interviewed him through some bullet resistant plexiglass at the local for-profit prison. “I read the article that said prostitution was legalized in Tampa…well I didn’t really read it, I skimmed it, and I didn’t verify it on any other news source. Now the guards won’t stop making fun of me and my gullible nature.”

Of the hundreds of articles written and published on the TNF website, Google ranks the website highly when readers search for some variation of the following terms:

  • Happy endings near me
  • When does a massage become illegal?
  • Are rub and tugs real
  • Fully nude massage
  • Spa with happy ending
  • Where to find a happy ending
  • How much for a happy ending
  • Table shower
  • Are massage parlors considered prostitution
  • Bob evans near me
  • Ass eating
  • Tampa weather
  • Big tit

These are just some of the thousands of terms that rank the TNF website on Google.  If you ended up on this page because you tried to search the terms above, please click here to enter our contest to win a Magical Butter machine and a special pair of custom TNF shoes:

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