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Suicide counselor doesn’t feel like returning calls on Fridays

Jason Schnurk, a licensed therapist who works with the Crisis Center of Tampa Bay as a counselor to people contemplating suicide, has decided he’s not going to return calls on Friday afternoons. 

“You know what? It’s FriYAY, it’s TGIF, I’m ready to get out of here and go to Applebee’s for Happy Hour and Riblets, baby!”, he says. 

Schnurk came to this decision after taking a call from a man named Scott Wormswood Friday morning. Mr. Wormswood, an Army veteran, had just found out he’s losing his job and his insurance. He sees doctors regularly to manage a serious medical condition and is deeply depressed, worried that he will no longer be able to access or afford his treatment or medications. Feeling worthless and alone with no viable alternatives, he was seriously considering taking his own life. 

During the call, Mr. Wormswood became overwhelmed with emotion and both he and Schnurk agreed to resume talking again later, setting a follow-up call for 3pm that afternoon.

However, at some point between the two calls, Schnurk changed his mind. “You know, if I call him, all he’s gonna do is talk about himself and his problems and how much it bothers him,” he said. “That’s a Monday morning conversation… after I’ve had my coffee. It’s definitely not something to sail into the weekend on!”

Several attempts made during the weekend to reach Mr. Wormswood at his home for comment were unsuccessful. 

Clark Brooks

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