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Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Has Two Words for the National Association of the Deaf

Ron DeSantis Flips Off Everyone During Press Conference

During a recent press conference, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis once again refused a request by the National Association of the Deaf to have an interpreter present in favor of delivering some sign language of his own.

“For those who can’t hear my words or read my lips, I have two words for you,” said DeSantis before flipping off the cameras.  “I bet you know what this means.”

DeSantis continued to hold up the middle finger at the camera before continuing, “I heard people who can’t read are having a hard time with the closed captioning.  Well here’s a simple solution.” The Governor then stood up on top of the podium, pulled down his pants and started exposing his bare buttocks at the camera. 

He then turned around and joked with his assistant while fixing up his pants. 

“Also, we’ve had a lot of complaints about us spinning the numbers on this Coronavirus stuff, and I just have a few more things I want to say about that,” said Governor DeSantis before pulling out his penis and peeing into his mouth, spraying urine all over his very nice suit in the process.

“I hope this conference has been informative for everyone,” said DeSantis while wiping the Urine off his face with his sleeve. “But once again I want to reiterate that anyone who is deaf, hard of hearing, blind or unable to read, I’ve got two more words for you.”

DeSantis then pulled down his pants again, squatted down and then began taking a dump.  He then grabbed his own feces and threw them at the camera before ending his conference.