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Amber Heard Coyote Craps All Over Tampa

Amber Heard Coyote

Morning after morning, local resident Ms. Cam Ille is finding her Seminole Heights home littered like a dump, as in actual crap. The tight-nitch neighborhood is no stranger to walkers and friendly neighborhood dogs, that politely clean up their poo when the urge hits. But this hasn’t been the case lately. On repeat Ms. Ille,…

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Tampa Government: “Make Coyote Hazing Great Again”

EDITORS NOTE: Tampa News Force is proud to serve the community as a source of valuable information intended to inform the citizens of the Tampa Bay Area and improve the quality of life for all who make this region their home. For that reason, we are pleased to provide a forum to Darcy Greco, media…

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Coyotes want harassment in Pinellas County to stop

Coyotes Hanging out in Pinellas County

Coyotes, which have been a fixture in Pinellas County since the 1970s, are tired of being harassed and want government officials to enact hate crime laws in their defense. “We’re just like anybody else who’s moved here from somewhere else,” says a coyote. “We’re looking for a place where we can enjoy the climate, raise…

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