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Tampa man’s Uber Eats history triggers mental health algorithm


A recent spate of online food orders has resulted in a mental health counselor visiting the home of Tampa’s Johan Philippi. “Totally unnecessary”, he said. “A person can’t enjoy the luxury of having food delivered to them at home without signaling a cry for help?” “In certain cases: no”, said Kathryn Helpself, a counsellor with…

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Suicide counselor doesn’t feel like returning calls on Fridays

Jason Schnurk, a licensed therapist who works with the Crisis Center of Tampa Bay as a counselor to people contemplating suicide, has decided he’s not going to return calls on Friday afternoons.  “You know what? It’s FriYAY, it’s TGIF, I’m ready to get out of here and go to Applebee’s for Happy Hour and Riblets,…

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