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Top Five Secret Cruise Ship Amenities

Between the sight-seeing, the food, the pampering, the entertainment, the activities and so much more, there’s a lot to love about taking a cruise. But did you know there are amenities you didn’t even know about? Obviously not, otherwise you would have known about them. That won’t be a problem for you anymore, though. Because…

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Cruise Ship Releases Thousands of Herpes-Infected Rats into Tampa Bay

Tampa – Channelside – Sunday, 1.27.2019 Tampa General Hospital hits unsafe occupancy levels due to hundreds of cases of herpes-infected bite-wounds this week, shortly after the return of the MS Carnival Magic from a week long “booze-cruise” to the Caribbean. “We’re totally unprepared for this sort of thing,” a Tampa General nurse, Alicia McMeirdes complains…

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