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Top Things to Buy on Craigslist Tampa

Top things to buy right now on Craigslist Tampa

If you are looking to directly support the community, shopping on Craigslist can be the best way stimulate your local economy.  Hop on these great finds today before they are gone! Muriatic Acid Are you processing leather or making a homemade batch of gelatin? Well then pick up a half full bottle of Muriatic Acid,…

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You can turn in your Gasparilla beads for a free lap dance

Tampa Strip Club designated a National Landmark

A new promotion by Teasers Strip Club aims to get patrons to stop tossing Gasparilla beads in to the Hillsborough River by letting folks exchange them for a free lap dance. “We love the sea animals, especially the manatees,” said local stripper Nate Roscoe. “I’m the only person the promotion is good for, I’m a…

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