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Super-talented baby creeps out parents

Talented baby

Little Amy Pleebler, an exceptionally gifted musical prodigy at two years old, is intimidating her parents, Bob and Wendy. “She sings like a perfect angel and even plays the piano a little bit. She knows, like, chord progressions and shit,” said Wendy. “How? How?!?” “It’s just so weird the way she’s good at stuff”, Wendy…

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Largo couple requests emergency name change for baby

On the eve of the senate runoff election between Herschel Walker and Raphael Warnock in Georgia, Don and Sylvia Plehh of Largo have filed an emergency request with the Pinellas County court system to change their baby Herschel’s name immediately. “When he was born 10 months ago, we thought ‘Herschel’ was a great name,” said…

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Seffner man takes away all of son’s gender-neutral toys


Some consumers are reacting negatively to Hasbro, Inc. deciding that the iconic Mr. Potato Head brand will be dropping the “Mr.” title in an effort to promote inclusivity. “My boy – and he is a boy, he’s ALL boy – will play with boys toys”, said Paul Gleet of Seffner. “No gay – or as…

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