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Desantis celebrates 4/20 by pardoning marijuana convict.

DeSantis Releases Marijuana Convicts to Celebrate 420

One lucky man, in prison for possession of marijuana, is receiving a full pardon from Florida governor Ron Desantis. The pardon is part of an annual tradition in honor of the unofficial “stoner” holiday April 20th, or 4/20. The convict in question, Johnathan Davenport, could not be more happy to be selected, but it wasn’t…

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Florida State Court Rules Serving Inmates Dasani Water Is Unconstitutional

Giving Prisoners Dasani water has been ruled unconstitutional

Florida Supreme Court – Leon County – Monday, 7.1.19 The atmosphere was electrifying this past Friday as thousands of protesters gathered outside the Tallahassee courthouse. Divided crowds exchanged chants, eagerly awaiting the Florida Supreme Court’s ruling on Larsen vs the State of Florida. The Court was expected to finally reach a ruling, after months of…

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