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Clearwater sports bar trying to avoid being Super-sued

Super Sued

“We’ve always been careful to avoid any kind of legal hassles, and we’re being even more cautious this year with the game taking place in Tampa”, said Sasha Prilwitz, owner and manager of Chuggers in Clearwater. “That’s why we always refer to it as ‘The Big Game’ or something like that.”

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Tampa Bay Sports Fan Unsure Who To Ignore

Tampa Bay Sports fans unsure what to do with who to root for

With all three of Tampa Bay’s major league professional sports franchises currently active, Gerald Humfahrt of St. Petersburg, a self-described “die hard bandwagoner” says he doesn’t know which team he should be ignoring.  “I’ve been ignoring the Rays since March, so that seems like the easiest, most natural option. But they’re in the playoffs so…

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