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White man accused of being white

Mike Claypot of St. Petersburg is recovering from being accused of being white. Claypot, who is white, was discussing popular music with a group of friends who just happen to be African-American because all of their parents just happen to be African-Americans. Amid references to Drake, Chance the Rapper and The Weeknd, Claypot interjected and…

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Breaking News: Straight White Man Doesn’t Care Who He Offends

White man doesn't care who he offends

BrownWater Cafe – Pinellas County – Sunday, 5.12.2019 In an unprecedented move, local comedian Jeremy Sperling announced that he was sick and tired of PC culture, to a crowd of stunned onlookers at the BrownWater Cafe’s open mic night. The straight white man added that people are too sensitive, and he just doesn’t care if…

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